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Real estate in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

More About St. John’s

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St. John’s is the easternmost city in North America, sometimes called the oldest city, with history dating to the 1600’s; it has a Metro population about 180,000. While the province’s population has been in decline
in recent years, St.John’s has still shown some steady growth, especially because of the offshore oil industry, mostly with new suburban development in and outside the city. However, the real charm
and uniqeness is in the old downtown, most of which was rebuilt after the last major fire in 1892. However, there are still buildings such as the Basilica, built in 1850, which predate the fire.

View from Queen’s Battery, Signal Hill

From farther up the hill, showing some of the cliffs above The Narrows.

View of the Harbour from above Duckworth Street.

View above Water St East.

Buildings on Duckworth Street:

Corner of Water & George Street (where all the pubs are).

More Water Street buildings.

St Patricks Hall (condos) & Basilica

Victoria Street downtown residential

Queens Road

The newer highrises in West downtown

Government House, built about 1830

Gower Street central downtown residential, “Second Empire” style architecture predominates, from about 1893

Delta Hotel extension under construction in 2004

Delta Hotel nearing completion, 2005:

From across the harbour, a mixture of old & new.

Atlantic Place, the brick building on the right, is the largest office building, at around 300,000 sq ft., and
was originally built to support a hotel on top, with a total height of twenty stories.

The three gabled building on top of the hill is not a church, it’s the new Art Gallery-Museum-Archives, called “The Rooms”, built in 2004.

Seagulls with a view across the East end of the harbour

Overlooking Water Street.

Water Street storefronts

St Patricks Church dates from 1800’s, but the spire was complete in 1914, and replaced a few years ago:

The Basilica, a landmark, was built in 1850

More steep streets overlooking the harbour

Central Water Street looking west

Colourful row on Duckworth Street

Another view from the hill:

Another view of downtown central and West End:

Three of my favourite houses:

Harbour Drive; the white Fortis building is the oldest modern office tower, built around 1968

TD Building

The road to Signal Hill; the sinking building is an underground Geo-Science-Centre: