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Real estate in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.


Selling Your Home?

If you want a realtor that takes cares of all the hassles and problems and negotiations with sellers and buyers, lawyers, bankers, insurance, home inspectors and all the details associated with buying or selling your home then I will be your choice. 

As your realtor, I will make the selling of your home an easy process. The first thing we do is to determine what price your house should sell for. We will survey the current situation and selling trends for the past six months to one year for your area and determine an equitable average of what’s on and has been on the market. I will work very close with you on this. The right priced house will sell a lot faster and easier than a home that is over-priced. Ask me about this because this is very very important in turning your house over in a hurry. 

Secondly, my job starts to kick into full gear with the marketing of the property. This entails doing the administrative aspects and the registration of the property into the Canadian real estate system. We can monitor the amount of hits that your property gets and make changes at any time in regards to new pictures or changing the text of the description. The MLS system is very powerful in Canada and most serious real estate investors and buyers and sellers are using this system for their financial planning in the real estate market. And of course, your property will be posted on this website.

The print ads and real estate channel, open houses and showing prospective clients and the scheduling of agent open houses and show the property to perspective buyers and to agents from other realty companies, is all part of the services which I provide. 

Then there’s the closing of the property when it’s been sold. There are forms to fill out and legal documents to sign and the deed and survey need to be current and legal and the buyer’s financing has to be in place and the home inspectors and the list can go on if the situation is not looked after properly. 

“I am a realtor who listens, meets your needs, negotiates, and handles all the details for you. I respect your time and give you service beyond the sale. My commitment to you as your realtor is to make your selling experience as hassle free as possible. I am committed to giving you 100% service and getting you the best possible price in the shortest length of time using my proven marketing plan. This is my promise to you.”